General FAQs

Our goal is to be the world’s largest and most inclusive lifestyle convention. This means no matter how you identify or what subgroup you belong to, we want you!  We practice consent culture. There is never any requirement or pressure to participate in any activities.

Please! Our goal is to be the world’s largest and most inclusive lifestyle convention. We won’t get there without plenty of help, so please — share this page with friends and fellow community members.

Our aim is to be the worlds largest and most inclusive lifestyle convention, so we draw people from many communities. Some are party-starters. Some are introverts. Some are curious. Some are experienced. Some are in between. All are sexy humans. However you identify you are welcome and should find others whose company you enjoy. As a whole, our group is open-minded and ready to connect.

We think so! Part of building an inclusive lifestyle community means being accessible to all, especially newcomers. We remember what it’s like to just be starting out with all sorts of questions, fantasies and fears. That’s why we have special workshops & icebreakers for newcomers in our program. You’ll also get free online resources when you register to help you prepare and get the most out of your experience.

Yes! Singles are welcome. Unescorted singles are not. This means all guests must attend with at least one other ticketed guest (PAL). This can be a partner, couple, group, or trusted friend. Guests attending together are responsible for each other’s conduct onsite. If you break rules, everyone in your group may have their passes revoked. There are no exceptions to this policy.

We do our best to play a wide selection of party music – current and retro – at all events so you don’t hear the same mix every day.  You’ll enjoy both DJs & live entertainers. You’ll also enjoy plenty of quiet areas to connect with other guests away from the loud music. We will post a more detailed schedule of music & themes as we get closer.

Never! One of the biggest complaints we hear from guests about Vegas is having to pay extra to sit down everywhere. At Naughty Sin City we have plenty of FREE seating at all events so you’ll never need to pay. And, if you want a VIP table or cabana for your group, they’re available at a fraction of the cost of most casino hotels.

Yes. We do need to sell out the hotel. This is why we have an early-bird deal. Once we sell out Ahern, we might offer passes to folks staying at other resorts, but at a higher price. We honestly recommend staying at Ahern though. This way you won’t miss any activities and can  take the elevator home any time.

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