General FAQs

All the stuff you love about Vegas without the constant hustle & surprise charges. Our hotel has no resort fees. Our staff & guests are attentive, friendly and welcoming. There is never any pressure to participate. No bottle service requirements to sit down. Your event pass is all you ever need.  We also don’t allow unescorted singles, which means everyone has another guest vouching for their conduct onsite.

Really fun ones. We draw people from many lifestyle communities. We typically don’t care about labels. Our group is open-minded, naughty, and ready to connect.

Never. Default dress is sexy club attire for the nighttime parties & pasties for the pool parties. And, if you enjoy costuming or cosplay, a lot of our guests do too.

We think so. Newcomers often tell us Sin City is a great first event. There is no pressure to play. People are friendly and we have daily icebreakers with fun games to help you meet folks. Wherever you are on your journey, we want you to feel welcome here.

We play a fun dance mix at the parties. Some events have themes. Most feature a mix of music. We strive to play a wide selection so you don’t hear the same mix every day. We will post a more detailed schedule of music & themes as we get closer.

Yes. We need to sell out the hotel. This is why we are offering such a great early-bird deal. Once we sell out, we may offer passes to folks staying at other resorts (at a higher price), but we recommend staying at Ahern. This way you won’t miss any events and you can take the elevator home anytime you want.

Singles are allowed. Unescorted singles are not. All guests must attend with for least one other ticketed guest (PAL). This can be a partner, couple, group, or trusted friend. Guests attending together are responsible for each other’s conduct onsite. If a guest breaks rules, their entire group may have passes revoked and be banned from future events.

Absolutely!! Just make sure they’re sex-positive and you vouch for them personally. No creepers or haters please.

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